From Intern to critical team member

Samantha Carter’s Summer Internship at CRC


Hi! My name is Samantha Carter, and I was fortunate to join the CRC team during the summer of 2019. I am a rising junior at Villanova University studying Communications with a focus on Public Relations.

I grew up with both of my parents working full-time, specifically my Dad who was working in the PR field. I remember going to work with both parents a great deal when I was younger. At my Dad’s office, I enjoyed writing and creating lists, organizing product and editing photos taken in front of the green screen. (Receiving samples from many of the brands I loved didn’t hurt either!) As I got older, I came to realize my passion for brands and storytelling was similar to that of my Dad’s, which drove my curiosity for PR and marketing to even further heights. Without any public relations experience, I was super excited to dive into the world of PR – CRC provided me with a one-of-a-kind hands-on opportunity for which I will forever be grateful! 

Rewind to my first day at CRC (ah!)… I was immediately thrown into things, learning quickly the many aspects of a PR agency. Cindy, Amira, Rachel, Kelly and Hollis welcomed me with open arms, and I quickly began to feel one with the team! I helped the growing agency by contributing to work for amazing clients such as Ceramedx, DKNY, Echo, Hammer & Nails, Hanes Hosiery, L’eggs, Joules, KISS and SimplyProtein. We achieved impressive placements in popular publications such as Buzzfeed, Good Housekeeping, O, The Oprah Magazine, Woman’s Day and more. I learned the importance of having strong communication and loyal relationships with our clients.

 Day in the life of a PRA at CRC…go! I started every morning conducting media monitoring and updating my team on any media placements. Working for a boutique agency enabled me to contribute to multiple aspects of the job, something not many interns are able to do at larger agencies. I sat in on client calls, took notes, created and sent recaps and even contributed my own ideas! I was able to showcase my creative side by designing various themed mood boards and pitching them to editors. It made my day when editors would respond to my pitches. Most notably, Chief Fashion Director at Hearst loved my Joules Peter Rabbit mood board so much she posted several photos of her daughter wearing the collection on her Instagram (31.6K followers). Writing and delivering pitches to editors under the supervision of my team helped drive traffic to our clients’ brands and taught me how to communicate effectively.

 While we were always working hard, we also had our fair share of fun outside of the office. We spent one afternoon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn handing out brochures and pamphlets in order to increase traffic for the new grooming salon Hammer & Nails. We also spent a day “modeling” Hanes hosiery on the streets of NYC, creating photos which are still being posted to the L’eggs Instagram account. Some of my favorite memories include the two sampling events we organized with SimplyProtein, including one at Hearst’s Good Housekeeping Kitchen of the Future, both having a successful turnout of editors and other notable people.

One larger project I helped spearhead is a college brand ambassador outreach campaign, #LeggsU, for our client HanesBrands with a focus on L’eggs Sheer Energy and propelling the #LeggsGetItDone movement. I was successful in reaching out to many sororities at Villanova University, University of North Carolina, Elon University, Seton Hall University and The College of New Jersey, among others, and securing several partnerships.

CRC allowed me to be involved in every opportunity, believing in and supporting me every step of the way! They trusted me to help present the 2020 PR Plan to the Joules team at their showroom. I also attended my first deskside with a fashion editor at Shape Magazine, which was super thrilling!! CRC showed me what it means to be a collaborative member of a great team.

Thank you, CRC, for giving me the best first internship – with advice, memories and people I will hold on to forever!

As one chapter ends, another begins…


Samantha Carter