Meet Kevin Tu



Hi! I’m CRC’s Spring 2018 Intern, and my name is Kevin Tu. I’m currently an undergraduate student at New York University’s Stern School of Business and am majoring in marketing.

CRC has proven to be an amazing place to get hands-on experience. Day one, in the office, you’re tasked with duties that contribute to or directly affect a client. PR is a special branch of marketing. It necessitates a working knowledge of what your clients are doing compared to which publications want to hear from them in order to increase exposure and drive traffic towards available retailers as well as their e-commerce businesses. In this way, more and more people can hear and buy their product. We’re the ones who personally reach out on our client’s behalf.

As my first undergraduate internship, I’ve learned a lot here. Our clients range from fashion to health-conscious food products. I’ve learned how to talk to clients and address their needs directly, as well as assisting in implementing various business development strategies to develop a brand.

The team is always there to help. Don’t be afraid to ask for it! I came in with a general knowledge of marketing and PR, but the core team, Cindy, Amira, Hayley, and Zorina, really helped me contextualize it to make a tangible effect in the real world. In the weeks I’ve been here, I learned so much about what digital marketing and PR is all about.

Finally, CRC is an agency that hasn’t shied away from moving with the times. We are as much a PR firm as a digital marketing one. I’ve learned how to develop social media strategies, content curation and calendars to maintain a productive, contributable online presence for our clients. It’s very much a place that gives its interns real opportunities to interact with clients and support their storytelling optimization.

I’ve sat in on and even talked to clients during conference calls, and have drafted pitches for media publications, TV shows such as The Doctors and The Today Show, as well as trade announcements to key industry gatekeepers. CRC even gives interns valuable teambuilding experiences.

For example, I went with the team for a guerilla marketing campaign where we took the New York City streets by storm inn recognition of American Heart Month.  On Valentine’s Day, we spread the #cocolove with free samples of chocolate ganache pots courtesy of our client, the Coconut Collaborative, the dairy-free, vegan-friendly coconut-based yogurt company! It was exciting to stand behind the Good Morning America show to spread Coconut Collaborative’s story far and wide as they launched their plant-based yogurt and dessert pots in the US from the UK.  By that event alone, we handed out over 5,000 samples all across NYC during the busy commuter hours and throughout the day during New York Fashion Week. It was an innovative marketing execution that highlighted just how much a difference we make at this agency while also managing to have lots of fun!

So far, it’s been a valuable experience. I highly recommend coming here to meet and work with the team! CRC is definitely a very encouraging environment to anyone who’s ready to learn and I look forward to working more with CRC as this semester continues!

CRC on The Daily Front Row



After a fruitful career of leading public relations for global to mid-size public relations agencies and Fortune 500 agencies, Cindy Riccio broke out on her own to found CRC a decade ago. Since then she has built her agency into a digitally savvy, award-winning boutique communications agency representing clients across categories like food, beauty, fragrance, travel, fitness, tech, and fashion. In this feature story, Cindy chats with The Daily Front Row on how she founded CRC, her biggest PR coups, and discusses how brands will be communicating beyond social media and common digital tactics, in the future.

Read the full article here. 

Celebrating the TENacity of Owning a Small PR Agency

Celebrating the TENacity of Owning a Small PR Agency

Cindy, our President and Founder, shares her ten top observations about growing and thriving in a competitive and ever-evolving marketplace, competing with the big agencies and how a boutique lifestyle shop continues to keep and attract smart talent and great clients. As featured in Agility PR Solutions.

CRC Team Goes on Idea Trip in Brooklyn


CRC is staying ahead of the curve by inspiring creativity and innovation with Idea Trip, created by CUSP NYC. The concept is part art, photography and food tour that uses the city as a muse.

The purpose is to embrace the inspiration in the surrounding community for a nudge, or jolt, out of the current groove, opening the eyes to a wider creative world, encouraging new and breakthrough ideas. The trip took the team through Gowanus, exploring galleries, event spaces, street art, innovative and creative local companies, museums and restaurants.

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The Evolution of Digital Marketing and Influencers for Growing Brands


Cindy Riccio, President and Founder of CRC, Inc. has taken a deeper look at the changing landscape of influencer marketing and the consequences it has on today’s PR and digital marketing professionals. Influencer marketing is currently in a grey area for both marketers and consumers, leaving brands to define the rules for themselves in hopes that they are obeying the law. As we continue to work with influencers and bloggers across fashion, beauty, food, and lifestyle industry, we’re ensuring we steer our clients in the right direction.

You can read the white paper on

PACT | ORGANIC Appoints CRC to Manage PR and Thought Leadership Program

PACT | ORGANIC Appoints CRC to Manage  PR and Thought Leadership Program

New York, N.Y., June 20, 2016 – CRC Inc., a New York-based public relations agency, has been named the agency of record for PACT | ORGANIC, an apparel company that is sweatshop free, ethically produced, and part of a movement transforming the way apparel is made. PACT |ORGANIC addresses all the ethical concerns when purchasing apparel by partnering with the OCS (Organic Content Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and Fair Trade USA to certify organic content in all products.

Baselworld 2015: A Smart Competitive Advantage

Baselworld 2015: A Smart Competitive Advantage

CRC is thrilled to announce its partnership with Kenneth Cole New York and Ted Baker under Geneva Watch Group. The brands employed CRC’s boutique media relations services at Baselworld, the world-renowned international watch and jewelry trade show in Switzerland, from March 19th through 21st to introduce the new Kenneth Cole ConnectTM smart watch to the press, as well as showcase the Kenneth Cole and Ted Baker Fall/Winter 2015 watch collections.

Introducing ViVI: The New Cookie Lee

Introducing ViVI: The New Cookie Lee

RC is pleased to announce the rebranding of our direct-selling jewelry client Cookie Lee, now known as ViVI! Cookie Lee, the 23-year-old fashion jewelry company that revolutionized the direct-selling business with a sales model offering a lucrative package to its consultants, is undergoing a rebranding that will revolutionize the direct-selling business once again, and help the company grow 20% by the end of 2015. In April 2014, founder Debra Lin sold the company to industry veteran Debbie Millar, a successful businesswoman who discovered her true passion while serving as a prominent leader in the direct-selling field. As owner and CEO, Millar is re-launching the brand under the ViVI name, and introducing new contemporary designs that still sell for less than $50 and hold true to the core consumer while targeting a younger audience. ViVI will also implement state-of-the art industry technology and social selling options.

CRC Goes on Watch with BREIL Italian Timepieces

CRC Goes on Watch with BREIL Italian Timepieces

CRC Goes on Watch with BREIL Italian Timepieces Since 1939

CRC is thrilled to announce our new client, BREIL Italian Timepieces Since 1939! CRC will focus on the brand's consumer public relations strategy as BREIL grows its presence and brand awareness in the United States.