CRC’s Millennial Mind


Seeing (and Shopping) Social These days we’re living social and doing it quickly and efficiently. CRC’s millennial minds are pros at processing information and making fast decisions – whether taking it from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine….the list goes on and on. We know what’s hot now, why it’s trending as well as who else thinks it’s hot and where to get it.

With less than five clicks on a smart phone, you can go from tweet to shop to purchase and back again, in less than ten minutes flat. Time is of the essence in this face-paced world and the millennial certainly doesn’t like to wait. Whether it’s the ‘microwave syndrome’ or the curse of having everything at our fingertips, we want what we want and we want it now.

There is a direct correlation between seeing what’s popular with people we admire and our peers on social media and what we purchase. TeenVogue’s Think Tank calls it ‘Seeing Social’, but we call it savvy shopping. In the insightful words of Mean Girls’ Gretchen Weiners, “You wouldn’t buy something without your friends telling you if it looks good on you, right”? Social media is that instant validation millennial females want.

When the fashion website, WhoWhatWear, posts their take on the top 12 skirts you need to own, it gets Retweeted multiple times. You know that anything you wear off that list will, of course, be a crowd pleaser. ‘Seeing Social’ brings convenience, validation and even, discounts to one easy-to-access location. Which also translates to items purchased in-store as well, utilizing platforms like Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

Debating a shoe purchase? Instantly share those shoes on Snapchat and get flooded with responses, in no time. Can’t pick what to wear today? Photo collage your choices and share them on Twitter and Instagram. Then, just sit back and wait for the opinions to overwhelm you. The future of social media driving sales online will only continue to get stronger as outlets get larger and more social media platforms launch and as those other age-groups catch on. With sites and applications like Pinterest and, social shopping is here to stay.