Home is Where the Earning Potential Is


Why leave the comfy confines of your home when you can create a successful career from your couch? More and more Americans are getting excited about the at-home business trend, involving themselves on both the seller and consumer sides. According to research from Harris Poll, commissioned by Direct Selling News, more than 156 million people have made a purchase from a direct seller – that’s two thirds of the U.S. adult population. And 81 million have done so within the past six months alone. Never has making and spending money been so convenient. Direct selling is an attractive option for those wanting to supplement or increase their income on a flexible schedule. And it’s not just for the bored housewife looking to earn an extra buck anymore. According to Angela Soper’s “Social Sharing Drives Smart Business” in Direct Selling News, direct selling (also known as social selling, relationship marketing or social sharing) has surpassed its historical borders of Tupperware and Mary Kay by embracing fashion, with companies like Worth, Carlisle Collection and Doncaster jumping on the bandwagon. Even accessory brands, like Lulu Avenue, are great excuses for at-home shopping parties.

Direct selling, like its synonym “social selling” implies, is a group activity. And a productive one at that. It combines social and business lives, normally two worlds that rarely collide. Christina Binkley, author of The Wall Street Journal’s “Girlfriends’ Night Out: Selling Fashion at Home,” notes that women aged 30 to 65 are often so busy with work and family lives that they miss out on valuable girlfriend time. Insert direct selling parties, where friends can catch up over at-home cocktails -- like mixers from Powell & Mahoney -- while purchasing a dress for their next hot date (and getting advice on what looks more flattering, instead of staring indecisively into a mirror). As modern technology brings the world to our doorsteps, everything can be made at home, from incomes and purchases to friends and cocktails.