Introducing ViVI: The New Cookie Lee


CRC is pleased to announce the rebranding of our direct-selling jewelry client Cookie Lee, now known as ViVI! Cookie Lee, the 23-year-old fashion jewelry company that revolutionized the direct-selling business with a sales model offering a lucrative package to its consultants, is undergoing a rebranding that will revolutionize the direct-selling business once again, and help the company grow 20% by the end of 2015. In April 2014, founder Debra Lin sold the company to industry veteran Debbie Millar, a successful businesswoman who discovered her true passion while serving as a prominent leader in the direct-selling field. As owner and CEO, Millar is re-launching the brand under the ViVI name, and introducing new contemporary designs that still sell for less than $50 and hold true to the core consumer while targeting a younger audience. ViVI will also implement state-of-the art industry technology and social selling options.

“We are a company of women helping women,” says Millar. “We want our Personal Stylists to ‘be ViVI’ and ViVI stands for vision, inspiration, value and independence. These are words that represent and speak to every woman.”

ViVI Logo
ViVI Logo

As ViVI, Millar and her team are fully committed to maintaining Cookie Lee’s core principle of growing a community of successful women. The “Cookie Lee Sisterhood” has enabled more than 150,000 households across the United States to earn a flexible and sustainable income by allowing them to earn up to 50% profit from all jewelry sales while sharing their passion for fashion through social selling and home shows or "socials."

In the past, Cookie Lee’s top consultants have earned more than $1 million in sales. Incentivizing their Personal Stylists – also known as “ViVI Visionaries” - to sell more product and mentor other stylists is a key part of their personal success, one which earns the Stylist points towards the “ViVI Vacay,” a lavish vacation that top-earning Personal Stylists can attend for free.

Millar also sees technology as a key factor in propelling the company forward. ViVI’s direct-selling technology will be taken to new heights with a platform called Socialite, which will enable ViVI stylists to sell directly through their social media pages. Socialite will give each stylist their own mini website that connects to the company’s main site through magic card dynamic links. Those links will enable customers to digitally purchase product from ViVI Personal Stylists in addition to the traditional ‘on the spot delivery’ platform used during at-home parties.

We are so excited to see all of the fresh and revolutionary things to come from ViVI as the brand invigorates the direct selling industry and continues to inspire women.