Perfect Corp. Apps: The “Perfect” Marriage of Tech and Beauty

Perfect Corp. Apps
Perfect Corp. Apps

CRC is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Perfect Corp., the developer of mobile beauty platforms: YouCam Perfect, YouCam Makeup and Beauty Circle. Perfect Corp., a spin-off of the world’s leading consumer multimedia software company CyberLink, is the premier online destination for beauty lovers worldwide, dedicated to transforming how consumers, content creators and beauty brands interact together.

Perfect Corp. first launched YouCam Perfect in March 2014, which allows users to enhance the natural beauty of their photo and video selfies. YouCam Makeup followed in August 2014, and provides consumers with the opportunity to instantly test out true-to-life makeup looks and effects with hundreds of fashionable makeover styles and color combinations.

Perfect Corp.’s innovative apps represent the perfect marriage of technology and beauty -- an unlikely pair. While the beauty industry has been slow to adapt to the evolving technology world, YouCam Makeup proves to be an opportunistic step forward, giving users a virtual makeover experience and the freedom to play around with new styles and beauty trends instantaneously.

At the recent WWD Beauty Summit in early June, the topic of technology and beauty brands’ reluctance to embrace it dominated the discussion. Even Lyn Kirby, the former CEO of Ulta, underlined that customers are 5x more likely to buy at retail if they have first discovered a product online or through an app.  Because of this, it’s clear that the beauty industry needs to embrace technology, and Perfect Corp. is at the forefront of this movement. YouCam Makeup, YouCam Perfect, and Beauty Circle offer brands an opportunity to put their products in the virtual hands of millions of millennial customers  every day, who spend more time swiping right and left on their phone than in brick-and-mortar stores. Perfect Corp. apps can serve as a key destination for bringing new customers to brands as more brands make their products and shades available to virtually try on the app.

The tech world has taken notice of Perfect Corp.’s great strides in the industry, granting YouCam Makeup the 2015 Appy Award in the Fashion & Apparels category and the 2015 Tabby Award in the Lifestyle category. Their other selfie-driven beauty cam app, YouCam Perfect, is a 2015 Appy Awards Finalist in the Camera category and a 2015 Tabby Awards Nominee in the Photo category.

In addition, Beauty Circle, the first beauty, fashion, makeup & style-driven social community, allows beauty lovers to interact with each other in a unique forum and share their creations. To date, the reputable company is the only tech company that has their own beauty social community embedded in their interface, and has ambitious plans to expand and evolve the platform in the near future.

YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect are available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. We encourage you to check the apps out and try on a new side of yourself. Who knows, you may discover a whole new (out)look.