Reflections on the Current State of Media


We like to think we know the media pretty well at CRC. There are certain magazines and websites that have always been looked at as the harbingers of what’s cool, what’s in and what’s next. We were shocked and saddened to learn not only of the closing of two of our favorite fashion/beauty websites, but also of one of the most renowned and long-standing voices in women’s service books – Ladies’ Home Journal.

Both DailyCandy and YahooShine disappeared from the web space in the course of a few weeks. With the explosion of fashion blogs in recent years, it was surprising to see two such well-respected, well-read (UVPM for DailyCandy was 418K while YahooShine reached almost 30 million) websites here one day and gone the next. Ladies’ Home Journal has been in print for over 130 years and will be transitioned from a monthly to a special interest publication. Even for people unfamiliar with the media landscape, Ladies’ Home Journal is a known entity and recognizable book.

And now the rumors are starting that Lucky might be on Conde Nast’s chopping block! Since its launch in 2000, Lucky has always appeared to be a huge success and one of the trendier magazines on the rack. Back in 2008-2009, a flurry of magazine closings ran the gambit from Teen to Domino to Gourmet. Those closings weren’t tied to a certain genre. But these new shutterings seem to focus more on women’s publications and websites, making us wonder who’s next? If Lucky, with its huge fan base and uber-cool persona could fold at any moment, then really, no magazine or website is safe.

Perhaps the ever-shifting media landscape is just trying to make room for what’s next. But is that smaller more niche magazines or more personalized blogs, we can’t say just yet. All we can say at the current moment, is that we are mourning the loss of some of our favorite voices in the media and hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come.