CRC Welcomes Worthy As A Client


Worthy is quickly becoming the most trusted source for Upcycling™ diamonds, offering honest appraisals from industry experts certified by the Gemological Institute of America. “CRC’s expertise with luxury goods, as well as relationships with consumer media and influencers, is key to position Worthy as the #1 source for diamond resell,” says Judy Herbst, Director of Marketing & PR of Worthy. Focusing initially on helping women know the true value of their diamonds, Worthy is the online destination for selling sentimental valuables during life changing events, while servicing with compassion, empathy, trust and worth. “We have learned that so many of our customers are using their new funds to renew themselves, like restarting their careers or remodeling a room or going on a girls escape weekend” says Judy Herbst, Director Marketing & PR at Worthy. This path of the Worthy Movement represents the empowerment of women and encourages them to resell the valuables that were once sentimental and can now signify a time of change.

For additional information on Worthy, please visit: http://www.worthy.com/