Meet Kevin Tu



Hi! I’m CRC’s Spring 2018 Intern, and my name is Kevin Tu. I’m currently an undergraduate student at New York University’s Stern School of Business and am majoring in marketing.

CRC has proven to be an amazing place to get hands-on experience. Day one, in the office, you’re tasked with duties that contribute to or directly affect a client. PR is a special branch of marketing. It necessitates a working knowledge of what your clients are doing compared to which publications want to hear from them in order to increase exposure and drive traffic towards available retailers as well as their e-commerce businesses. In this way, more and more people can hear and buy their product. We’re the ones who personally reach out on our client’s behalf.

As my first undergraduate internship, I’ve learned a lot here. Our clients range from fashion to health-conscious food products. I’ve learned how to talk to clients and address their needs directly, as well as assisting in implementing various business development strategies to develop a brand.

The team is always there to help. Don’t be afraid to ask for it! I came in with a general knowledge of marketing and PR, but the core team, Cindy, Amira, Hayley, and Zorina, really helped me contextualize it to make a tangible effect in the real world. In the weeks I’ve been here, I learned so much about what digital marketing and PR is all about.

Finally, CRC is an agency that hasn’t shied away from moving with the times. We are as much a PR firm as a digital marketing one. I’ve learned how to develop social media strategies, content curation and calendars to maintain a productive, contributable online presence for our clients. It’s very much a place that gives its interns real opportunities to interact with clients and support their storytelling optimization.

I’ve sat in on and even talked to clients during conference calls, and have drafted pitches for media publications, TV shows such as The Doctors and The Today Show, as well as trade announcements to key industry gatekeepers. CRC even gives interns valuable teambuilding experiences.

For example, I went with the team for a guerilla marketing campaign where we took the New York City streets by storm inn recognition of American Heart Month.  On Valentine’s Day, we spread the #cocolove with free samples of chocolate ganache pots courtesy of our client, the Coconut Collaborative, the dairy-free, vegan-friendly coconut-based yogurt company! It was exciting to stand behind the Good Morning America show to spread Coconut Collaborative’s story far and wide as they launched their plant-based yogurt and dessert pots in the US from the UK.  By that event alone, we handed out over 5,000 samples all across NYC during the busy commuter hours and throughout the day during New York Fashion Week. It was an innovative marketing execution that highlighted just how much a difference we make at this agency while also managing to have lots of fun!

So far, it’s been a valuable experience. I highly recommend coming here to meet and work with the team! CRC is definitely a very encouraging environment to anyone who’s ready to learn and I look forward to working more with CRC as this semester continues!