Increase awareness of Deep River Snacks kettle chips and the company’s charitable giving. Launch the new HONCHOS organic flavored tortilla chips.


Baby boomers and millennials. HONCHOS: Males 14-24; parents of 12-18 year olds; lapsed buyers.


Position the Brand as Better, Healthier Choice

Leverage kettle chips’ unique and strong flavor profile while stressing their better-for-you quality. HONCHOS as the healthier snacking alternative next to its chief competitor, Doritos.

Highlight the Companie's Charitable Efforts

Highlight charity contributions and dedicated bag real estate to raise awareness for the organization. Align Chips For Charity snack pack as the perfect gift for anyone as well as a hostess gift during the holiday time period.



    Introduced Products to Media Outlets

    Conducted editor meetings and product send outs to allow the media to taste the products for themselves. Sent exclusive boxes of HONCHOS to key media noting them to be one of the first 500 people to try the chips.

    Partnerships & Outreach

    Partnered with top gamers to appeal directly to Gen Z male demographic. Developed seasonal outreach to keep Deep River Snacks aligned with holidays year round.


    To date, generated over 93 million total media impressions

    Secured coverage in Cosmopolitan’s December issue as a part of the “Fun, Fearless… Fail” section under “Fun” and right next to Doritos

    Chips & Charity holiday pack featured on The Daily Meal and

    HONCHOS limited launch highlighted in trade press, including The Gourmet Retailer, Brand Packaging, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery and Project NOSH