Change public’s perception of moissanite as “fake diamonds”. Launch gemstone brand as an affordable fine jewelry alternative; increase brand visibility by 10%. 

Educate press and consumers of the brilliance and unique qualities of moissanite. Identify a cause related effort to drive sales at retail.


Strategy / Tactics

Invited short lead and long lead media to Take The Challenge

Created a cause marketing campaign based on success with Forever Brilliant by creating a unique gift/jewelry collection that celebrates the extraordinary feat of overcoming cancer

Aggressive blogger/editor gift-giving outreach timed to key holidays 

Facilitated BCRF partnership to introduce press to The Survivor Collection

Launched at The National Women’s Survivor Convention with Giuliana and Bill Rancic

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 10.01.03 AM-1.png


2 million media impressions in year one

Gemstone press event attended by more than 50 style influencers
Result: not one person passed The Challenge

Yahoo! Finance created their ownchallenge  during peak Valentine’s Day selling season

First two retail accounts awarded in just two months

Over 3,000 Facebook likes in less than two weeks at Convention

Bill & Giuliana Rancic were gifted a pendent and spokes-model Emme featured on social media

Due to the success of the Survivor Collection launch, expanded the line beyond breast cancer to represent all cancer causes