Make wearing and socially sharing legwear looks fun, fashionable and light-hearted
by owning and launching the #LEGSIE 

Enlist editors, fashion trendsetters and media personalities to be the first social influencers
to take and post official #LEGSIEs, taken in a custom #LEGSIE photo booth introduced at the #CheersForSheers Soiree

To increase awareness of Hanes Hosiery’s features and raise the brand’s social voice, CRC created a call-to-action for NYC influencers. The NEW selfie - exclusively for Hanes to kick off legwear season at the posh Penthouse of the SOHO Mondrian Hotel, for the #CheersForSheers Soiree, which elevated the brand to sky scraping heights.


Created the hashtag #CheersForSheers and leveraged the hashtag #LEGSIE to give legwear looks a dedicated social sharing space to own; similar to #selfie and #LOTD (look of the day)

Associated Hanes Hosiery legwear with social media sharing by aligning the brand with style ambassadors and social influencers; Michelle Madonna (35k followers) and Samantha Lim (17K followers)

Entertained soiree attendees with #HosieryHunk and celebrity DJ Brendan Fallis

Gifted attendees with the new Hanes Hosiery Fall 2014 collection so the influencers could continue their social sharing after the soiree



5,972 likes from more than 70 Instagram posts

56 tweets, 48 rewteets, 63 favorites

15 likes from more than 10 Facebook posts

15,000+ media impressions generated during the 3-hour soiree