⎻ Showcase the Joules Pajama and Holiday collections by providing pajamas and festive wear to all attendees

⎻ Create a cozy, cheerful atmosphere at the Crosby Street Hotel that reflects the collections and brand as a whole

⎻ Generate awareness and press by inviting influencers with a targeted female & family based following


⎻ Invited top ten micro, mid-tier and top-tier influencers and encouraged social postings

⎻ Created a trendy setting with decorations, a photobooth, #JoulesPajamaParty hashtag, s’mores bar and more

⎻ Included a manicurist, masseuse, fashion illustrator and photographer for influencers to add to their posts for Joules

⎻ Included other British companies to position Joules as a high quality British fashion brand  at The Cosby Hotel


Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 4.51.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 4.51.14 PM.png


⎻ Generated more than 300 million media impressions within a one-week period

⎻ Successfully introduced and promoted the Joules Holiday and Pajama collections to mid-tier influencers

⎻ Positioned Joules as a British, family-friendly brand with collections for everyone

⎻ Forged strong relationships with key style influencers to serve as brand advocates on an ongoing basis