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Hanes Hosiery leveraged the power and influence of five Teen Vogue Instalist members with a special Fall Five promotion which sparked a vibrant conversation amongst their followers and consumers to Cheer For Sheers!

Strategy / Tactics

Teen Vogue partnered with five brands including Hanes Hosiery to create and send a Fall Five style box to five (5) select Instalist ambassadors

The Instalisters created organic content, sharing the Fall Five essentials and how they styled them 

Content was posted to the Instalisters’ blogs 

Posts included a call-to-action to follow the brands on Instagram for the chance to win the looks 

Hanes Hosiery received additional exposure via: 

Custom Look Book featuring Fall Five Instalisters 


12 Million Total Social Impressions (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

5.7 Million Total Impressions on

17.7 Million+ Total Program Impressions