Generate buzz with press to activate consumer engagement for the Kenneth Cole Connect smart watch launch in March, weeks before Apple released its anticipated Apple Watch


The fashion-involved, tech-savvy millennial, ages 18-34


Launched Kenneth Cole Connect at Baselworld, the watch and jewelry trade show in mid-March to pre-empt competitive news announcements in April

Introduced the phrase “Wristie” to further emphasize the product’s capabilities and tie into the “selfie” culture

Capitalized on press and consumer excitement around the anticipation of the Apple Watch to springboard Kenneth Cole’s new, accessible and stylish smart watch alternative


Hosted press appointments, targeting the brand’s top international markets

Distributed a multimedia news release globally during Baselworld, including b-roll footage, and the official Kenneth Cole Connect launch video 

Created a custom photo booth and photographed visitors with a social media component allowing them to share their images in real time around #KCConnect

Coined the term “wristie” as a selfie for your wrist 



Macy’s added 48 additional doors to the spring/summer season

Hosted over 40 press appointments in Baselworld with top publications, including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, InStyle, Bloomberg Media, Marie Claire UK, BBC News, Thomson Reuters, JCK, WatchPro and Watch Time 

#KCConnect photo booth generated over 13,000 social media impressions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr

MNR generated over 2.6 billion media impressions 

Secured coverage in SELF, WWD, Financial Times, USA Today, Newsday, Family Circle, Siempre Mujer, The Doctors, Examiner.com, Yahoo! News, Watch Time, Watch Market Review, JCK and Accessories Magazine. To date, the campaign has generated over 3.1 billion media impressions